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Sanctuary Master Suite

Project: Transitional Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Dressing Room

Location: Southwest Ranches – Florida

When the clients first approached us with their request for a master suite sanctuary, we knew it was going to be a challenge. The house had five bedrooms, but the closet space was surprisingly small for such a large home.

The master bedroom was a sight to behold. It had been decorated with such care and attention to detail, that it felt as though every element of the room came together perfectly. The neutral pallet made it calming and serene yet still gave off an air of elegance. Natural organic material lined the bedding and drapery, creating a cozy atmosphere that one could easily sink into for hours on end. A soft viscose rug lay beneath their feet, providing warmth and comfort while they were in the room. The texture knitted wallpaper added another layer of coziness which contrasted delightfully against the rest of the décor. And last but not least – a stunning chandelier with its handmade glass shade hung from above, giving the entire space both luxury and charm simultaneously.

The bathroom also got some love! We added porcelain tile to brighten up this space and used beautiful pearl glass mosaics on each wall adding some glamour without compromising on coziness. For furnishing we went with custom built medium light wood floating vanities topped off by Poppy glass chandeliers which truly gave these spaces life!

We decided to transform one of the bedrooms into a fabulous dressing room complete with custom-built cabinets that offer ample storage space for all the client’s needs. It’s truly a dream room, combining both functionality and style!


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